LezRide! to Gingerman- April 6th

Alright y’all, for real this time, lezride

We will meet at medici on West Lynn at 8:00pm, wheels down at 8:15, and take a 12 mile ride ending at Gingerman.

Route: http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/377473279
Ride shouldn’t be super difficult- check it out

Bring: Bike, lights, helmets, ids, fav gf’z, etc etc


***hey y’all. The ride is going to be cancelled due to me losing my passport and having to go on a wild chase to find it. We will, however, still be going to Elysium. Lets plan to meet at Valhalla around 9:30pm? Then we can head over around 10ish. SO sorry for such short notice!!!***

LezRide! To Elysium for 80s Night!- Sunday, March 23

Hey y’all!

This week we will be meeting a little later 8:30pm, wheels down 8:45pm at Royal Blue (on Congress) for a 10-13 mile ride ending at Hoboken Pie (for a snack) and then across the street to Elysium Austin for some sweet dancing!

If we get there a little early we can just go across to Valhalla for some drinks, fooseball, darts, pool, air hockey, etc

Oh, and I got in to grad school so we are also celebrating that!

Route: TBA (shouldnt be too hard)

You bring: lights, bikes, helmets (if you got em), dancing shoes, ids, and your very best gurlfriends

I’ll bring the password to get in for free (hopefully, ill try, sorry if I forget/someone remind me)

If you don’t want to bike, please still come! Shoot me a message or text and I’ll let you know when we get there.

Can’t wait to celebrate!

LezRide! to GAYBIGAYGAY!!!

Hey y’all,

Its that time of year again. Thats right, GBGG. This week we will be meeting at cherrywood coffeehouse (1400 E 38th 1/2 St) and taking a short 5-8 mile ride to GBGG. If you bike there, you dont have to pay for parking…JUST SAYIN.

Meet at Cherrywood at 3:30pm, wheels down at 4:00.

Route: TBA (won’t be bad or difficult)

Bring your bikes, lights, helmets, locks, and anything you need for gbgg. 

Can’t wait!

Hey yall! I just wanted to let everyone know that there won’t be LezRide! for the next two Sundays cause ive got some grad school apps to work on sure the first week of March. I will, however, be taking a ride tomorrow morning (eleven am) around Austin to take pictures for my portfolio. If anyone wants to join, pm me/LezRide!

LezRide! to Hightower! Sunday, Feb 16

Hey y’all!

This week we will be meeting at Butterfly Bar at 6:00pm, wheels down at 6:30, taking a fifteen mile ride to Hightower. 

The ride well be a tad hilly cause, but not anything terrifying!

Route: tba

Bring: lights, bikes, helmets, locks, money, ids, and your very best girlfriends!

It’s supposed to be beautiful out so everyone should come out!

I’m excited to ride again. Miss all your faces! 

LezRide! to the Buzzmill!: Sunday, Jan 26th

Hey yall!

This week we will be meeting at Jo’s on South Congress at 7:30pm, wheels down at 7:45. We will be taking a 10-12 mile ride to Buzzmill! Our favorite vegan taco place (Vegan Nom) has made its way over to Buzzmill, alongside some pretty good bbq. Oh, and oversized jenga, lincoln logs, and skeeball. So LezDoIt. 

Route: http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/350914093 (few hills, maybe one to two large ones but nothing to cray)

Bring: You, your bike, lights, helmets, money (if you wanna buy stuff), ids, faces, and gurlfriends. 

Can’t Wait!

LezRide! to the Parlor: Sunday, January 19th

Hey y’all!

It has been far too long and i miss you ladies like cray. So Lezgetdowntobusiness!

This week we will meet at the Parlor on 43rd and Guadalupe at 7:30pm, wheels down at 7:45pm. We will take a 12 mile ride to Pinthouse Pizza where we can enjoy their happy hour!

They have video games, great beers, and pizza (if you couldnt tell by the name). 

Route: http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/347824565 (your usual amount of hills, nothing too crazy)

Im really excited to catch up with you all, hear about the holigays, etc etc. 

Cant wait!

Ride Cancelled

Hey y’all! I guess everyone is out of town, so no ride! Have a good one y’all!

LezRide!’s Last Ride of the Year, Sunday the 22nd

Hey everyone!

So, Ive got a few updates for yall. First, I got a new job that requires me to work Sunday nights. This means we need to pick a new day. I was thinking Tuesday nights again, does that sound okay? That being said, this Sunday we shall ride in the am, that way we will get to ride before the new year (Tues is the 24th, and the Tues after I will be in NYC). I must say I am kind of upset we didnt get to do a holiday lights themed ride (which we can do late/10pm on Sunday if anyone is interested-jus lemme know) but ya know how work is!

Alright, so. Meet Sunday, the 22nd at 9:00am, wheels down 9:20am atFlightpath Coffeehouse on 51st and Duval. We will take a 25 mile ride ending at Quack’s 43rd Street Bakery for some snacks! 

Route: TBA

Bring your bikes, tubes, helmets, water, energy, and gurlfriends!

I hope to see you all there. If anyone is interested in going for a late night holiday lights ride on Sunday night, lemme know!!!

Can’t wait!